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Terms & Conditions

By registering for AlgomaTrad Camp 2022, you agree to discharge AlgomaTrad, its staff, and volunteers from any claims for damages or personal injury which may result from you or your family’s participation in the camp. Further, you grant AlgomaTrad the right to use your or your family’s image for future presentations, funding, and advertising without any further approval or payment to you. You and your family also agree to conduct yourselves on Zoom in a manner appropriate for a family camp environment, including dress, language, and background scenery. If it is determined that your participation disrupts the event or the enjoyment of other attendees, AlgomaTrad reserves the right to remove you from the virtual event with no refund given.

By registering, you agree not to share your access link or code to classes; if it is determined that you have done so, AlgomaTrad may cancel your access and retain any payments made by you. Further, you agree not to record or broadcast video sessions. (Recordings of all classes will be available for download for two weeks after camp to use as review or in case of internet disruption). In the event of disrupted classes or events due to connectivity issues, you understand no refund will be given. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you understand that no refunds will be given after August 1st.


Thank you for your efforts to make AlgomaTrad and safe, welcoming, joyful community.

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