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Barb Willoughby and her family have been deeply involved with AlgomaTrad since 2008. As a parent of campers, a camper herself, a volunteer, a board member, and now Chairman of the Board, she has an intimate understanding of AlgomaTrad’s strengths, possibilities, and impact. She co-chairs the annual AlgomaTrad Camp auction and the bi-annual Trivia Night, keeps the annual AlgomaTrad Camp office ship-shape, secured a grant for the planting of 1,350 native seedlings and saplings for the site, and steps up wherever needed. A self-described stubborn hard-worker, Barb lives with her husband in Desbarats. She is a veteran teacher of science and chemistry at Central Algoma Secondary School where she has honed her skills at finding the best in people, managing boisterous groups, and introducing youth to the wonders of science. Having coached high school sports for 20 years, she knows the importance of teamwork. She loves every minute that she spends outdoors, especially gardening and biking, and brings great energy to the Board.​

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